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Rocket Lawnmower

There are no lawnmowers in Space. At least not in the pre-Jetson era.

Donald Trump On NASA

Last year in New Hampshire a young boy asked presidential hopeful Donald Trump about his opinion on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The Donald always has an answer and said, “You know, in the old days it was great. Right now, we have bigger problems — you understand that? We’ve got to fix our […]

Sex Space No-No

Newton’s 3rd Law of motion is succinctly described as every motion creates an opposite motion and scientist have cited the absolutism of this law as proof that man can not have sex in Space. The more you try to enter the farther you go from your destination in the state of weightlessness. Foreplay should to […]

One Small Stool For Mankind

Even astronauts are human. We are ruled by simple things. None simpler than our bowels. They rule all. To read the dialogue, click on above image twice Especially James T Kirk. To hear astronauts talking about farts, please go the following Url

No Sleep In Space

NASA conducted the first fly-by of MArs in 1965. The Mariner 4 orbited the Red Planet sending back photos as well as measuring factors of Space for future missions. Communications with the satellite ceased on the winter solstice of 1967, however the US space agency continued to explore the distant planet with unmanned robots. At […]