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Anti-Mullah Fun

Ever since Ayatollah Kohmeni returned from exile to oust the Shah, the Mullahs in Iran have proscribed fun from the lives of the common folk. No music, no dancing, no drinking, no nothing have transformed the Shah’s secular state into a Land of No stricter than the New Jersey Shore or Tulsa, Oklahoma, however Iranians […]

AMONG THE REDWOODS by Peter Nolan Smith

The June sun burned off the mist haunting Monterey harbor. A lone fishing boat motored to sea. Sailing boats bobbed in its wake and pleasure craft wavered in their slips, however the only sign of life that morning along Ocean View Avenue were two cats fighting over a mangled fish carcass. Overfishing in the 1940s […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD by Peter Nolan Smith Chapter One

Six women crowded the honeymoon suite of the Coastal Motel. The buxom ‘groom’ patiently lay on the bed for her ‘bride’, while the brutish camerawoman glanced at the director and tapped her watch. “Lena, are you ready yet?” A bead of sweat trickled down the wiry director’s spine, as she knocked on the bathroom door. […]

The Cardiac Danger of Illicit Sex / Asia

Several years ago while surveying 5,529 heart attack deaths in Asia, Dr Wong Teck Wee discovered that 34 fatalities occurred during sex and 27 of those deaths occurred while the male was engaged in an act of illicit sex i.e. adultery. The Universiti Putra Malaysia cardiologist concluded from these findings that stress of illicit sex […]


Before 9/11 I was madly in enamoured with a blonde model from the UK. Judith was smart, funny, and liked her drink. We seemed doomed to be friends, then one wintry evening we drank ourselves past the portals of inhibition. Judith invited me back to her apartment. We made out on her sofa. This wasn’t […]