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Pregnant Ha Ha Jewish Girl

Throughout the 50s and 60s and even the 70s and 80s and 90s, teenage pregnancy was a matter of family shame. Girls were sent to homes for unwed mothers to give birth to their little angels, in many case having their new-borns torn from their arms even before they have a chance to suckle their […]

Mad For Mama Bear

Alaska is the last frontier, although Jocko Weyland’s latest voyages to Detroit has proven that Detroit is the new frontier. An ever-expanding terra incognita. My friend Maz has spent several summers selling schlock jewelery to the tourists cruising the Inner Passage. The stores charged 7 times cost. As a diamond salesman I dream about that […]

Mama Bear Oi Vey

My older brother vacated the presidency of the South Shore CYO Deanery in 1969. I was elected to the position. 45 churches in 16 towns. 5000 teenage members. The main interests were sports and religion. Athleticism and Catholic devotion were downers for most youths three years after the Summer of Love. I decided to hold […]

We Are More Doomed Than Before

World leaders are leaving Copenhagen. Five nations cobbled together a less-than-satisfactory proposal to combat global warming. China, Brazil, India, South Africa, and the USA hammered out an agreement as a first step toward reducing the danger of a fevered planet. Too little too late. That was the consensus opinion, however Alaskan presidential hopeful Sarah Palin […]

Alaska Next for the Fears

Alaska is the US State closest to the Asia and citizens of the 49th state have been expressing their concern about the possibility of North Korean missiles attacking their canneries and cruise ship harbors. Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ attempts to placate their fears further fueled their paranoia in the face of the Obama regime cutting […]