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Homo Scan

In April of 2009 Johnny Zombie from Palm Beach sent me to Russia to speak with his customers about their non-payment for merchandise. My friends in New York thought that these Russki ‘businessmen’ would kill me, but I had a band member from Aquarium for my companion. Everyone loved that band. Seve dropped at the […]


During my trip to 2009 trip to Russia I was lucky enough to encounter Seve Gakkel, the cellist of the famous Soviet era band Aquarium. The band dated back to 1972, when Boris Grebenshchikov and Anatoly Gunitsky joined forces with several musicians to play art rock at a Leningrad restaurant. The KGB hated the music, […]

TO RUSSIA FOR US by Peter Nolan Smith

In May of 2009 Johnnie Z asked if I wanted to go to Russia.

The Good Russian Boris

On August 18, 1991 Boris Yeltsin and his backers was under siege at the Moscow parliament. The old commies were staging an armed coup to oust Gobarchov’s successor. He drank a bottle of vodka and confronted the rebel soliders in tanks. They listened to his passionate plea from Rodina and did not fire on the […]

Murmansk to St. Petersburg

Russian authorities have transferred Frank Hewetson and his twenty-nine Greenpeace activists from Murmansk to a St. Peterburg prison. This might seem like good news, however families and friends have yet to be in contact with the prisoners and the charge of environmental hooliganism carries a sentence of seven years. This charge was leveled against the […]