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THE LIGHT OF THE MOON by Peter Nolan Smith

Sundays belonged to the Lord in Tulsa. Numerous church bells rang from nearby steeples. Sean pulled the pillow over his head. A knock sounded on the door. “Don’t say anything,” whispered AK. He liked sleeping late, but free rooms had their price. The next knock was more forceful. “You boys awake?” The voice belonged to […]

135 IN THE SHADE by Peter Nolan Smith

In the last week of August AK and I left Southern California on a cloudless morning. Our long vacation had come to an end. Victor drove us over the Hollywood Hills east out of the Valley. AK and the dancer sat in the front of the Mercedes convertible. I couldn’t hear their conversation with the […]

GODLESSNESS by Peter Nolan Smith

East of Albuquerque the interstate switchbacked up the Santia Heights out of the Rio Grande Valley. The summer lost its heat, as the rusted pick-up climbed toward the pass and the cooler temperature revitalized AK and me. Late-August temperatures were murder on longhaired hitchhikers crossing the Far West. Rides were few and distances were far. […]