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Bobby 4Q

Bobby Busnach sending a message to Mitt Romney from the distant past. 4Q.

The Smile Of Lies

Last week’s debate between President Barack Obama and the GOP challenger Mitt Romney resulted in a bounce in the polls for the Republican candidate. Across the board pundits and citizens agreed that the incumbent put on a lackluster performance. Obama looked tired and disinterested, as if some pressing affair of state required his attention and […]

Last Shot of WWI

Last night in Charlotte NC Barack Obama spoke about ending the war in Iraq. Our troops left that country in Dec 2011, but the USA maintains a large presence in Afghanistan. Only yesterday two soldiers were killed there. The president vowed to bring our troops home by 2014. VP Biden ended his speech with a […]

Five More Years

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has been beleaguered by calls for the candidate to release his tax returns for the last ten years, especially from Senator Harry Reid, who has claimed the Romney paid no taxes for most of the last decade. The ex-governor of Massachusetts has given out his 2010 information, which shows that he […]

Red Hate Blue

After two months away in Thailand I’m rapidly re-introducing the chasm between Americans. The rift has many origins, however it’s an election year and the opposing camps are staking claims on the high and low grounds. The complete lack of humor is frightening. None of them can take a joke as witnessed in the following […]