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Iowa Snow

Many people living on the East and West Coasts of America refer to the land in between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as the fly-over. The State of Iowa is in the center of the United States. The nearest big city is Chicago. Most of its residents are devoted to growing corn. The Federal government […]

The End of Urban Renewal

Billions and billions of dollars have been spent on reviving the collapsed urban centers of America. Minor league baseball parks adorn forlorn cities in the Rust Belt. Even more desolate pedestrian malls mark failed efforts. St. Louis, Peoria, KC, Des Moines, Detroit, Providence, West Palm Beach and countless other towns have nocturnal populations numbering in […]

Rockford Illinois

Back in May of 2009 business was slow on 47th Street. Richie Boy and I hadn’t closed a diamond deal in weeks and his father was looking to cut operating costs at the jewelry store. His eyes fell on me. “The goy isn’t pulling his weight.” Manny got mean in the low season. “I’m doing […]