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MISSILE AWAY by Peter Nolan Smith

During his youth my older brother was a pyromaniac. Frunk nearly burned down each of our houses and those of our neighbors on several occasions. Each time my mother punished us both with a wooden spoon and my father sternly admonished our incendiary behavior, yet my older brother was undeterred by cracks across the knuckles […]

NASA Pai Ban

President Eisenhower created NASA in 1958 with the help of Nazi scientist Werner Braun. The Free World had to be defended by Free Space. Missiles, rockets, satellites shuttles soared into orbit with the aim of exploring the heavens. Sadly funds to NASA have been cut dramatically in the 21st Century, as the GOP and America […]

Rockets Red Glare over Suvarnabhumi

My first years were spent in a house in Maine. The road deadended onto Casco Bay. Seagulls were the predominant bird of flight. Their call continues to evoke childhood memories of the North Atlantic, however they were replaced by a much more disturbing noise with a family move in 1960. My father had a new […]