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RAINY SEASON by Peter Nolan Smith

Last week New York was scorched by a heat wave. The temperature ranged from 95 in the shade to 110 on the tar. I hid out in the 169 Bar, but decided to leave the comfort of my favorite to take the ferry to Rockaway Beach. I called Geoffrey. He was always up for the […]

Away To Rockaway

This last winter had overrun the Spring into late-April. I wore my cold weather gear well into the month. The snow lingered in the shadows. Finally the season gave up the ghost. And then the snow was gone. Flowers bloomed in Brooklyn. Ice cream trucks came out of hiding. Trees bore the pink shade of […]

Summer’s Almost Gone

On Saturday I stood outside the Fort Greene Observatory. The sun was strong and the remained summery. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and I checked the time on the bank tower at Atlantic Terminal. It was 4 PM. Riis Park was an hour away by train and I got my bathing suit and […]