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Remember Our Gone

Remember Our Gone

ROCK STANDS TALL by Peter Nolan Smith

In August 1984 ACTUEL sent a Californian-born photographer and me to cover the Deauville Film Festival. This was my second journalism gig for the esoteric French magazine and I hoped that writing a good article might open the path to another profession than being a doorman at La Balajo. The Deauville Film Festival was not […]

Fight Scene in GIANT

James Dean fought Rock Hudson in the epic Texan film GIANT. Dean’s character Jett Rink comes out on top in the first encounter after Hudson’s Bick lowers his guard. A second fight doesn’t come off as Jett passes out in a wine cellar dead drunk. “You’re not even worth hitting. … You’re all through.” Bick […]

Rock Stands Tall

The fucking London press are the worst parasites in the world. Back in 1985 I was interview Rock Hudson at the Deauville film festival. We were sitting at a table in the elegant dining room of the Hotel Deauville. Another reporter was piggy-backing on my hour with the star of TOBRUK. Rock was in his […]