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Thai Mai Thai

My family first came to Thailand in the 19th Century. Great Grand-Aunt Bert arrived in Bangkok on a clipper ship. Her father was the captain. The year was probably 1879, but on her 100th birthday she recounted seeing a city of golden temples surrounded by a jungle. “And all the women had black teeth from […]

Rich And Poor – Josh Billings

“About the only difference between the poor and the rich, is this, the poor suffer misery, while the rich have to enjoy it.” Josh Billings – American Humorist

Us Versus Them

From Democracy or Plutocracy? A Chart Friday 28 January 2011 by: Dave Johnson | Campaign for America’s Future | Op-Ed DEMOCRACY versus PLUTOCRACY We, the People / Wealthy Few One Person One Vote / One Dollar One Vote Government / Limited Government Majority / Supermajority Information / Propaganda Taxes on the Wealthy / Tax Cuts […]

Fucking Robin Hood

The Heritage Club is not an online shopping organization. The Washington-based think tank has been a leading source of information for the media since its inception. The official home page has declared the non-partisanship of the group, while holding the same values as the GOP and the Cato Institute. On July 19, 2011 the Heritage […]

Bangkok Burning

I love Bangkok. Soi Duplei and the Malaysia Hotel. The klong ferries. Sunset drinks at the Oriental Hotel. Cold beer at a go-go bar in Nana Plaza with the Old Roue. Street food. Smiles. Chaos. The city is a no-go zone thanks to the Army’s efforts to evict the red shirts from their barricades. Their […]