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THE EYE OF THE STORM by Peter Nolan Smith

In early September of 1960 Hurricane Donna struck New England as a category 2/3 storm. The radio station WBZ announced numerous school closing led by Beaver County Day School and closely followed by my primary school on the South Shore, Our Lady of the Foothills. My older brother and I were happy to stay home. […]

Revere Beach Xmas Morn

In the late 19th Century the working classes needed escape from the daily trauma of merciless bosses of low paid jobs and the railroads constructed narrow-gauge lines leading out of the cities to summer destinations such as lakes and beaches. Boston’s Brahmins cautiously accepted this invasion of the suburbs as long as the destinations were […]

Cyclone In Revere

Two days ago an early morning tornado stuck Revere Beach. Thankfully tree were no serious injuries from the EF-2 outburst, but winds gusted to 120 mph in a 3/8ths of a mile swarth, leaving residents without power for several hours. While tornadoes are extremely rare along the Massachusetts coast, Revere Beach was once home to […]