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Thai Mai Thai

My family first came to Thailand in the 19th Century. Great Grand-Aunt Bert arrived in Bangkok on a clipper ship. Her father was the captain. The year was probably 1879, but on her 100th birthday she recounted seeing a city of golden temples surrounded by a jungle. “And all the women had black teeth from […]

The Promises of an Exile

The hot season precedes the monsoons in Thailand. The oncoming cooler weather provides the opposing political parties a good time frame for strategies designed to renew the conflict between the deposed PM Thaksin and the ruling leader of elite or ‘khong chan suung’. The upper classes are fighting to retain their aristocratic privileges, while the […]

Crisis in Sex Tourism

My arrival in Bangkok coincided with the military crackdown on the anti-government protesters. M-16s versus firecrackers and slingshots. The death toll was close to 100and the wounded over a thousand. A nationwide curfew closed the bars of Patpong, Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy. Walking Street in Pattaya was dead. Only the Full Moon Bar in […]

The Voice of the People

Thai people rarely speak to foreigners about the problem of the rich against the poor. They avoid the subject amongst themselves, for any inappropriate comment might be seen as a threat against the status quo. The elite or khon yai don’t appreciate criticism and countless activists, justice seekers, and poor people with a grievance have […]

Heaven on Earth in a Man’s Eye

Thailand survived the red shirt rebellion. The repercussions of the violence, the shootings, and anarchy will resonate through the country like a tsunami striking distant beaches. The final outcome remains to be seen, but for the moment peace and calm are the order of the day. Bars are re-opened and the girls are desperate for […]