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Black Friday Beer

Today on Black Friday millions of Americans hit the shopping malls to purchase marked-down electronics and toys. This frenzied spending spree kicked off the Christmas shopping season. This year’s Black Friday was an all ugly affair and the event has getting uglier by the year. The term ‘black Friday originated from Philadelphia retailers’ description of […]

Cowgirl In The Sand

Halloween has nothing to do with Christianity. The Church hates the Harvest Holiday whose origins are lost in the mists of time. The Romans dedicated a feast day to Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, and the Celts celebrated the summer’s end with huge bonfires to evoke the blessing from the spirit world for […]

Where’s Ralph?

Last Saturday I went down to Ralph’s Meats on Lafayette. The Fort Greene institution had its metal shutters down and a police poster announced that the deli was closed until further notice pursuant to gun and drug charges stemming from a 2012 arrest. I was hoping that the DA might have seen irregularities in the […]

A Letter For Ralph

Last October Ralph Jawad of Ralph’s Meats on Lafayette Street in Fort Greene was arrested by the NYPD for possession on marijuana and two guns. The neighborhood mayor is out on bail after a period of incarceration on Riker’s Island. The NY Post today heralded the approach of legal marijuana sales in New York, yet […]

All The News; Ralph Jawad

Ralph’s deli has re-opened on Lafayette Avenue, even the owner remains on Riker’s Island on drug and gun charges by the ‘alleged’ NYPD. Today the NY Times reported on the Thursday raid netting two guns, a pound of weed, and ‘supposedly’ several hundred prescription pills. Their reporter and blogger, J. DAVID GOODMAN, wrote ‘all the […]