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AX IN HAND by Peter Nolan Smith

My mother had spent her honeymoon on Bermuda. Every winter my parents had vacationed in the Caribbean and each July my father rented a Harwichport cottage for a week. My mother loved the ocean. On summer weekends they loaded his six children into the Ford Station wagon for a drive to the beach. Massachusetts had […]

Paragon Park Memories

Funny how the places you loved disappeared and then come back as memories. Paragon Park was one of them. Gone in the Here-Now, but always there in the Here-Before. To recapture a taste of Paragon Park, please go to the following URL

The Actual Story – Jussie Smollet

On the morning of January 29, 2019 TV actor Jussie Smollett said that he was attacked in the early morning of that day in the 300 block of East Lower North Water Street in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. The two masked men shouted, “This is MAGA territory.” while assailed their victim with fist, feet, and teeth […]

The Madness Of Guns

Last week in Parkland, Florida a young gunman entered his old school and pulled out legally purchased AR-15. Victor Cruz emptied magazine after magazine at students and teachers, killing seventeen and wounding fourteen. An armed policeman waited four minutes before venturing into the school. The killer blended into the fleeing teenagers and escaped to a […]

American Justice

To anyone who thinks America has solved its problem with racial hatred and inequality, these two photos tell the truth.