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SINKING SHIP by Peter Nolan Smith

Snobbery is an art in the Hamptons based on proximity to the City. Most of my friends have summer places in Easthampton and Montauk, but a few ignored the elite sneers in favor of a shorter drive back home to Manhattan. Last summer Richie Boy and I stopped in Westhampton to show a large diamond […]

Bowie Ball

Several years ago I received an invitation to the Bowie Ball. A homage to David Bowie’s Glam Years on Columbus Day at Le Poisson Rouge or Red Fish. I had nothing to wear. My gold Elvis suit is history. My platform shoes were tossed in 1975. I was so out I can never be in […]

WEIRD WOMB at Shea Stadium

Dakota and Johnny are bartenders at the 169 Lounge on East Broadway. They treated me like a prince, because I have the last quaaludes on Earth. Dakota wants one bad. “If you give me one, you’ll never have to pay for a drink in this bar.” Dakota came from Arizona. He was less than half […]

Extinct Ludes

From a friend My favorite quaalude adventure took place @ the Hyatt Regency Hotel sunday afternoon tea dance in the gigantic lobby that had a fountain in the center w/a bench surrounding the pool of water. My 3 friends & I had taken quaaludes on our way to the dance and by the time we […]