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GARRISON JUNCTION by Peter Nolan Smith

In the late summer of 1972 my college friend and I hitchhiked across across Montana. The interstate was under construction. Ptrov and I got stranded in Garrison Junction for a good reason. Twenty miles farther south was the Montana State Prison. A sign warned motorists about escaped convicts. No one was taking a chance on […]

Reefer IQ

While searching for US arrests for marijuana I discovered this test from FRONTLINE. I got all the answers right. My IQ for weed is very most excellent. 1. Under which president have more people been arrested for marijuana crimes? a) Ronald Reagan b) George Bush c) Bill Clinton 2) What’s the breakdown for marijuana arrests […]

Far From Home – Frank Hewetson

Frank is from London, United Kingdom. He is a father of two. Frank has worked for Greenpeace in the UK and Australia since 1989. His commitment to environmental activism is tireless, and he has taken part in many Greenpeace campaigns over the years. He is a respectfully determined and intelligent man. Frank is a loving […]

This Is Going On Your Permanent Record

zionism, israel, gestapo, palestine, 1946 borders, children, prison Ihab Mishaal, below, a 14 year-old-Palestinian boy who was sentenced to 8 years in prison today by an Israeli military court. Israel tortures and detains up to 700 Palestinian children each year with impunity. After all, our kids can be subjected to the cruelest forms of treatment […]

Is this Gay – Louis CK

Over the course of the last few months I have been posing hypothetical questions to my severely straight friend Mazin, while we’re smoking pot. “If you were in prison and were rooming with a Thai Ladyboy, would you have sex with her?” “No way.” Mazin comes from Iraq. He is macho in only the nicest […]