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LOST BY THE EIGHT BALL by Peter Nolan Smith

None of the cops from the 9th Precinct were happy about the closing of the basement bar next to their station house in the summer of 1980. Even fewer were excited by its re-opening as a French bistro. Evelyn’s Bistro was another sign that the East Village was giving way to a new crowd. Not […]

Greatest of the Great

On my birthday several friends and I were having a conversation about the greatest athlete of our lifetime at Frank’s Lounge. We were all in our 50s. Larry had seen Ali, Homer claimed for Magic Johnson, AP proposed Andre the Giant, then I said, “Evel Knievel.” “No way.” Larry shook his head. AP and Homer […]

A Little Brando Maybe

Last week I was playing pool at the Abbey. Maz was in town from Alaska. He was leaving for the islands oN Wednesday. His time in the Far North had not effected his hand and eye coordination and the bald-headed genii ruled the table for several games. I lost to him on a double-miss on […]