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Pierre of the Plaza Hotel RIP 2008-2009

The Plaza Hotel has been one of New York City’s premier destination since its opening in 1905. Truman Capote held his Black and White fete in the Grand Ballroom, Neil Simon wrote PLAZA SUITE about an afternoon in the hotel, and during the 1978 Black-Out I rushed to the Oak Room for a bucket of […]

Pierre of the Poo Poo Plaza

Opening a jewelry store in the Plaza seemed like a no-brainer to Richie Boy. “Location location location.” He chanted in extolling the main attribute of our new enterprise. “The Plaza is the oldest institution in New York.” “I think Fraunces Tavern has it beat by two centuries.” I rarely drink at that bar any more. […]

Traveling North

My dreams of returning to Thailand have been short-circuited by the need for money. My good friend, Richie Boy, called and asked for me to open his new diamond store in Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel. I had $20 in my pocket. My only answer was ‘yes’. So it’s back to suits and ties after six years […]