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THE SEASON FOR GIVING by Peter Nolan Smith

Early on the morning of December 24, 1985 Vonelli, Lizzie and I boarded a train at Gard Du Nord. As we walked down the platform, our breath hung in the air. The winter damp had a good hold on Paris. Lizzie exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. The singer loved her Gaulloises. “So we go […]

REST STOP by P. Nolan Smith

On Saturday I traveled north from New York on a Chinese bus. Greyhound really. They charge $25. 7am departure. I fell asleep on the Williamsburg Bridge and woke in the Storrs Hills on Connecticut The driver was pulling into Burger King. “Ten minutes.” I walked inside. Mickie D’s rival was offering a breakfast burrito. I […]

THE MEANING OF PURE by Peter Nolan Smith

This is a video montage of my story THE MEANING OF PURE. I had gone to Benares to swim in the Ganges. A bath in the Mother of India washes away your sins. I was doing so for my baby brother who had passed from AIDS earlier in the summer of 1995. Eric Marciano made […]

OFF-SEASON by Peter Nolan Smith

In late-April of 2008 I left Thailand after a ten-year stay. My family accompanied to the sprawling Bangkok airport. happy tourists were heading home from vacations. I kissed my children good-bye and hid the tears by burying my head in Mam’s neck. My dog howled, as I got on the airport bus. Mam’s belly was […]