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ROADS OF THE FLYOVER by Peter Nolan Smith

The old crew met at Miguel Abreau’s Gallery on Orchard Street to honor Brock Dundee’s documentary about Afghanistan that he had filmed for the UK MoD. The Scot had flown in helicopters to battle sites and crossed the mountains on foot with the assassins of the SAS. At dinner Dannatt joked that his old friend […]

ROADS OF THE FLYOVER Part 5 by Peter Nolan Smith

Brock Dundee and I returned to New York. We had no problem with our flight to JFK. The Scotsman stayed a day to see our friend Dannatt put on a show with Eric Mitchell, an infamous B-movie persona. Brock paid me the performance. “I want to get back to London. I hope this helps you […]

ROADS OF THE FLYOVER Part 4 by Peter Nolan Smith

Heading north we passed rivers on the verge of bursting their banks. “Last year Cedar Rapids was inundated by a flood, but we should be all right.” The sky held no promise of rain and the radio weatherman forecasted a pleasant day for Northern Iowa and Miinnesota. I stepped on the gas. Everyone on I-380 […]

Jowls of Death

Last Wednesday I crossed the Channel to the UK and for the last several days and nights I have been wandering around London; seeing the film FLANGAGAN’S WAKE at Bafta, visiting the National Art Gallery for a viewing of David Hockney’s exhibition, walking in Richmond Park, strolling through Putney and hampstead Heaths, drinking at the […]