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The War Is Not Over

President Eisenhower had prevented the USA from becoming involved in the Vietnamese civil war. He was a military man who understood that the military-industrial complex was only interested in profits as well as the logistic strain of transporting troops and weapons halfway around the world to fight support the despised Diem dictatorship. Unfortunately after the […]

Pinko Peacenik Pension

At holiday dinners on the South Shore my older brother liked to tell a story about my protesting against the Viet-Nam War. His wife is a big GOP supporter. America can do no wrong for the both of them. Several Thanksgivings ago he finished cutting the turkey with his electric knife and said, “One afternoon […]

The Failure Of Flight

The Wright Brothers achieved flight in 1908 and ever since the military has sought to bring death from above. The Nuiport 23, Sopwith Camel, and Fokker triplane ruled the air over the trenches of the Western Front. In World II the Messerschmitt Bf and dominated the early going, but the Supermarine Spitfire XVI and the […]

War War War

Hawks in the media and military establishment are calling for America to address the threat of ISIS after the video beheadings of journalists covering the civil war in Syria. Former Vice President Dick Cheney told Fox News commentator, “Now, are we going to pull yourself up by our bootstraps and get on with the business […]

Inside Attacks

The NATO and ISAF troops in Afghanistan are approaching the eleventh year of occupation of that war-torn country. They have fought the Taliban in armed battles, suffered IED attacks, and suicide bombing, however this year an increasing number of supposed Taliban infiltrators into the Afghani Army have turned their weapons on their instructors and foreign […]