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OLD BILL NEXT TO ME by Peter Nolan Smith

New York’s Plaza Hotel has been a world-famous destination for decades and its 2008 reinvention as a condo-palace and demi-hotel failed to tarnish the reputation of Grand Lady on 5th Avenue. While the newly opened Retail Plaza in the basement had been an abject failure, the Oak Bar continued to attract power brokers, celebrities, and […]

Not Man Enough

I’m half-Irish. I wear a size 10 shoe. Not once have I ever dropped my trousers and heard a woman say, “Not with that you don’t.” Once I mentioned transplanting a donkey penis and my doctor scoffed saying, “Your body doesn’t possess enough blood to engorge such a monster. You’d probably pass out before you […]

Hardness Factor

Men have many expressions for an erect penis; tentpole, boner, dong, love muscle, one-eyed monster, schlong, and third leg just for a few. Size is a source of pride as well as penile hardness. There is no shame in size, but judging from the spam in my email account the vast majority of American men […]