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Day Of Infamy A La Thailand

“December 7th will live forever as a day of infamy.” President Roosevelt predicted before Congress in his declaration of war on Japan the attack after the attack. Infamy in Thai is cheu sia and several years ago year I asked several Thais about Pearl Harbor. My question stumped them all and I repeated the question […]


Like JFK’s assassination everyone of a certain age remembered where they were during the announcement of the Japanese attack on the US Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor. Many had to ask, “Where’s Pearl Harbor?” This morning to commemorate their ignorance I posed the same question to younger people on the streets of Manhattan. Few of […]

A Man is A Man

The American ideal for a man is based more on movie characters than reality. Bravery is defined by cinematic shoot-outs and wisdom quoted from famous films. Politicians recognize this weakness in the voters’ psyche and their press attaches strive for photo-ops mirroring Hollywood moments. GW Bush was hailed for his MISSION ACCOMPLISHED appearance on the […]