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We Are So Fucked

In the first days of March 2020 I stood on Kilimanjaro with the Kili Iniitative Climb group. Once again I did not summit. At dawn I descended from the 16000 feet camp across the Saddle to the Horombo camp, where I met my friend Pendaeli. The Tanzanian park ranger said, “You can get the Internet […]

The Ghost Town Of Anarchy

During the last debate Donald Trump called New York City a ghost town. Having lived here in the 1970s I refuted the pseudo-POTUS. The Big Orange doesn’t know shit from Shinola. I admit the city blacked out in 1977. I had a good time that night, drinking with my gay friends and trying to smash […]


Last week I went out to eat with my nephews and their parents at a Mexican restaurant on Okochobee Boulevard in west Palm Beach. The conversation gravitated to sports; baseball for Trey, golf for Reese, and basketball for their father and me. Their mother was happy to be left in peace. After dinner we stepped […]

If Bruce Came to My House

In April 2008 I lived nowhere. My apartment in the East Village had been taken over by the faceless management company. I lived with my wife and daughter in Pattaya until this April. We had good times and bad times. It was home, then again I considered anyplace home once you buy a roll of […]

Palm Beach Neighbors

In the summer of 2009 I was house-sitting the old stable of the Woolworth estate in Palm Beach. The main house has been divided in two. The remaining property apportioned to smaller luxurious houses providing safe haven for the mega-rich. A few blocks away was Donald Trump’s estate, Mar-De-Lago. The baroque vision of opulence overlooked […]