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Whence Comes the Storm

In 1978 I lived on East 10th Street with my girlfriend, a hillbilly from West Virginia. Our apartment was on the 3rd floor. The bedroom was situated on the airshaft. An actor friend lived with his girlfriend two flights up from us. Every night the building shivered with the screams of a woman in orgasm. […]

Man Or Beast

The bedroom in my old East Village apartment faced an air-shaft. One summer evening I had to listen to a woman in the throes of pleasure for hours. My hillbilly girlfriend hollered for her to shut up. She was more the quiet type. The same scenario repeated itself night after night. Moving into the living […]

Finish Line in Thailand

“I finish only with you.” These words almost sounds true coming from the lips of a Soi 6 short-timer. She doesn’t know your name. Your penis will be forgotten shortly after the apres-sex shower, but farangs inevitably ask, “Really?” “You #1. Big too.” This compliment can earned her a tip for a man, whether he […]

Orgasm Mai Ching

Back in 1991 I had sex with a Thai woman, whom I had met at the Marine Disco in Pattaya. She writhed in passion with her bones crackling like popcorn. At the end of an hour the twenty-year old Isaan native said, “I finish many times. You #1.” I tipped the free-lancer an extra 200 […]