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Eastport to Block Island

Every morning in my youth the Portland radio station broadcasted the maritime weather report by stating the sea conditions from Eastport, Maine to Block Island. This announcement covered the coast of the Northeast and two summers ago the conditions off Block Island were calm seas and gentle winds. The Atlantic Ocean was at peace, however […]

WHEN FAT MEN FLY by Peter Nolan Smith Chapter 3

In the morning Sookie and I ferried over to Staten Island. She loved the boat ride across the harbor. The Statue of Liberty was bigger than I remembered from my last trip to New York. Nick met us at the terminal in his Mini-Cooper. He looked splendid in his hippie dealer clothing; patchwork leather jacket […]

WHEN FAT MEN FLY by Peter Nolan Smith Chapter 1

Okie Quake

This morning a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck northern Oklahoma. The tremor’s epicenter located around Pawnee, the seat of Green County was the strongest quake in recent history for the Great Plains, knocking down a wall of an old building in Pawnee. People felt the seismic shaking as far away as Austin, Texas, resurrecting more concerns about […]

Mutation Not Genetics

America has been plagued by obesity. When I was young few fat people existed in this country. When Big Food switched from sugar to fluctose, the country expanded from size L to XXXXXL. People think the fat scourge is natural and say, “It run in my family.” Big Pharma agrees with their opinion and has […]