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Doctor Me

Hypochondria struck me at an early age after reading a Maryknoll missionary magazine showing a photo of a young boy wearing a metal contraption to walk. I feared that an unnamed ailment would take away by legs and I’d be a tin boy. Every small cut was examined for gangrene and each fever was a […]

Trump’s Health Care Poor

Obamacare is not perfect. Monolithic insurance companies control the market. Their executives aberrantly raise the costs of medicine and hospital care. Donald Trump excoriated the health system by stating with vehemence, “Obamacare is a total disaster and I promised to replace the ACA with the finest health-care plan there is.” Trump failed to elaborate on […]

Sinners Beware

According to the Bible-Thumpers from the square states Obama was born the Anti-Christ. White people from north and south hate the president. His every policy attacks their supremacy, but none more than the Affordable Health Bill, which strips power from the insurance companies’ governance over profit from hospitals, doctors, prescription drugs, nurses, daycare centers, hospices, […]

Death Camps For The Old

During the fight to pass President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Bill, the GOP accused the Democrats of having written a clause designed to create death camps for the elderly. This falsitude was promoted by Fox News to the believers in the Right and this week Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin proposed to cut funding for the […]

Few Have Chosen

Jen Rowley is young. She loves posing for photos. I met her at the 169 Bar on east Broadway. She left that dive for San Francisco. The City by the Bay must seem more free, but I bet she doesn’t have health care and neither do most Americans even though the vast majority are covered […]