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Gut Gemacht Berliners

A white flag has symbolized a call for truce or surrender since the Eastern Han dynasty Any combatants under this flag considered themselves safe from attack, although at the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho elders, women, and children under the protection of a nearby fort were slaughtered by drunken US Calvary despite […]

White Flags O’er Brooklyn Bridge

Earlier in the morning five people climbed the tower of the Brooklyn Bridge and hauled up a dyed white American flag. The NYPD have no suspects and called the act a ‘stunt’ rather than an act of terrorism. The Freaked Fearful expressed their consternation to the Daily News with one construction worker stating, “This is […]

Wabbits Of The NYPD

A secret organization in the USA government is in pursuit of an escaped mutant rabbit. They finally corral the beast in a suburban woods, but it’s impossible to catch him, because he’s so fast. The intelligence organization sends out an offer of $10,000,000 bounty for its capture. Within hours the CIA, FBI, and NYPD show […]

The Tombs In The Aftermath

Four days after Hurricane Sandy and New York City remains calm. Widespread looting has yet to occur and federal aid has been promised to the stricken neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. National Guard troops have yet to arrive to spell of the overworked police, but the NYPD is always happy for the […]

The Fort Greene Observatory

Hurricane Sandy barely touched Fort Greene. Trees were knocked down in the park and the internet service has been off for a day, otherwise this neighborhood weathered the storm with ease. We are 120 feet above sea level. Coney Island and the other low-lying areas of city were not so lucky. Lower Manhattan remains without […]