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Pope Evil The 12th

I was baptized a Catholic in June of 1952. My Aunt Gloria held her godson before the fount, as I cried incessantly, as the priest called for my renouncement of Satan and all his works. Auntie Gloria answered for me. “Yes, I thereby renounce Satan and all his works.” No one said anything about the […]

Sawadee Adolf

Mel Brooks 1968 comedy THE PRODUCERS centers its plot of two crooked theater impresarios attempting to bilk investors by staging a musical called SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden. The play opens with a dance number complete with goose-stepping Nazis. The audience reacts with jaw-dropping shock, but to their […]

No Future for SS

Several years ago Social Security send out a form listing my contributions to the retirement fund. I goose-egged many years and accordingly my expectations for a nest egg upon reaching 65 are next to zero, however most Baby Boomers will receive enough money from the Big Deal program to feed themselves, while going through their […]