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The Reign Of A Nationalist

Last spring my friend was driving me across Dutchess County to catch the train in Dover Plains. The road passed through rural community surrounded by billionaires’ estates. We passed through an abandoned village and the last house flew a Rebel flag in the front yard. I told my friend to stop. “Why?” “Because I’m going […]


The Third Reich had disappeared in 1945, but the images of its death camp horrors have gripped the imagination of filmmakers and holocaust survivors beyond the death of Hitler, but in 1974 Italian director Liliana Cavani explored the reincarnated sadomasochistic relationship between a SS officer and her concentration camp sex slave played by Charlotte Rampling. […]

Short Memories

A few weeks ago Barack Obama was excoriated by the right wing press and Polish government for having called the Nazi extermination camps located in Poland ‘Polish death camps’. The president apologized for this gaffe, but few journalists recalled that back in 2008 the Polish foreign minister made the following joke. “Have you heard that […]

Britain Go Home

I’m a peaceful drinker. My local on Fulham Street is only two blocks from my atelier. The regulars have accepted as one of them rather than ‘one of Them’. The core of the bar numbers about ten. We converse about racism, neighborhood change, Mississippi cops, the Celtics, Knicks, Prince versus Michael Jackson, food, and pretty […]

Cheapskate Torture School

The scandal of Abu Ghraib prison shook the consciousness of America until the Bush administration described the systematic abuse as an isolated incident. More and more photos revealed that the routine torture of detainees spread throughout every Iraqi prison and pointed out that the Pentagon had greenlighted torture as a method of extracting information from […]