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In Heaven Above

Back in Paris during the 80s some of my friends were involved in fashion. World-class Claude Montana and Azzedine Alaia invited me to the their pret-de-porter shows and I was lucky enough to have known the most beautiful women in the world. Few were more exotic than Marpessa. Half-Dutch and half-Surinam, her beauty was frightening, […]

The Stars Beyond Our Touch

The stars have obsessed Man throughout our existence on the planet. We have stared at the distant pinpoints of light and asked if anyone was out there. Our ancient ancestors thought the cosmos was the home of the gods, Christians prayed upward to heaven, and modern scientists have mapped the universe with telescopes. Our early […]

Fly Me to The Moon 50

July 20, 1969. The eyes of the world broke away from the Vietnam War, the Paris Uprising, and the Mets challenging the National League. Most people’s vision was fixed on the Moon, as TVs and radios reported the lunar landing of Apollo 11 to an anxious planet. This space mission had been inspired by the […]

Next Year Andromeda

Andromeda is the spiral galaxy 225 million light years away from our star system. Four billion years from now the two galaxies are predicted to crash together. None of that will be there to witness that event. When I was a kid in the 1950s, Marvel Comics came out with a story NEXT YEAR ANDROMEDA. […]

Mars Versus Mount Washington

The atmosphere on Mars is a hundred times thinner than that of Earth. NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has measured summer temperatures as high as 70 Fahrenheit or 20 Centigrade at the Red Planet’s equator, but as soon as the sun sets, the temperature can plummet to -100 F and -175F is not usual in the […]