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The SS Showboat Mayflower Nantasket

Throughout the early part of the 20th Century a fleet of side wheel steamers plied the waters of Boston harbor. The flotilla was reduced to one by a fire in 1919, but the Mayflower ran to Nantasket Beach until 1948. After its decommission its new owner hauled the white-hulled ship close to shore and opened […]

Nantasket Beach Forever

In 1981 I was working after-hour clubs for Arthur Weinstein. I needed a break from the hustle and fled north to the South Shore of Boston. No one called me. I slept and read. My mother greeted me at the breakfast table and apologized for the boredom of the suburbs and I recalled a line […]

Summer 69 St Tropez Paradise

Eric Bedos posted this painting. 1969 St. Tropez Summer, but it’s actually Nantasket Beach, our St. Tropez on the Hull Peninsula south of Boston. Barry and the Remains played at the Surf. Paragon Park’s roller coaster was constructed out of wood. The structure creaked ominously with the passage of each car. Fun, terror, love. Sadly […]

A FINE DAY FOR SAILING by Peter Nolan Smith

My grandmother hailed from County Mayo in Ireland. Her last name was Walsh. Nana traveled to Boston at the age of fourteen by ship. Most of the other passengers were cattle. “We sailed in the Year of the Crow,” she told her grandchildren in her lovely Gaelic accent. “When was that?” I asked to pin […]


The Gulf Stream’s warm and swift current runs swiftly from the Gulf of Mexico to the North Atlantic, where it splits at about 40°0′N 30°0′W to effect the North Sea and the ocean off Africa. According to Wikipedia the Gulf Stream is typically 100 kilometres (62 mi) wide and 800 metres (2,600 ft) to 1,200 […]