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A DELUGE OF KATHOEYS by Peter Nolan Smith

The mere mention of Bangkok’s Nana Plaza at a New York dinner table peaked the male guests’ interest of men and heightened women’s antipathy toward me. To the former I was a Don Juan and the latter regarded me as Gary Glitter come to life. To be honest I can’t recall ever bar fining a […]

Farang Poll by Nana Plaza Girls

Last January the Old Roue and I stayed out later than planned in Bangkok and I stayed at a cheap hotel on Soi Nana rather than spend 1000 on a taxi back to Sriracha. In the morning I woke up wanting to to kill the cat, who fouled my mouth, then called Fenway’s mom, who […]

Crisis in Sex Tourism

My arrival in Bangkok coincided with the military crackdown on the anti-government protesters. M-16s versus firecrackers and slingshots. The death toll was close to 100and the wounded over a thousand. A nationwide curfew closed the bars of Patpong, Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy. Walking Street in Pattaya was dead. Only the Full Moon Bar in […]