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Jeff Foxworthy – Opinion of Muslims

Americans do not travel to foreign countries. “Everyone there hates us.” Few people ask why or even if it’s true. “The French hate us.” The French hate everyone. “The Mexicans hate us.” Maybe that’s true, but America stripped Texas, California, New Mexico, and Arizona after the War of 1848, and then bought another strip of […]

Thaksin Half-Broke

This morning I called Thailand to speak with Mem. 8am my time. 8pm her time. She answered the phone from the karaoke bar across the soi from her apartment. My son Fenway likes to sing. I so want him to be a superstar. It’s my alternative retirement. The other is to rob a bank in […]

Fun without Borders

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, yet millions of men visit the nation to meet women. The whole world has heard of such sex entrepots as pattaya and nana Plaza, but few realize that the trade exists within the country and at the borders too, especially to the south beneath the restive province of Pattani and […]

God in Iraq letter from the USA

This email from close friends highlights the religious fervor behind the most recent excursion to the Mideast by forces of the West. Being a follower of the Church of Beer, I believe in peace and beer drinking with the occasional spirited speaking in tongues, which is usually babbling sprinkled with expletives. The following email has nothing […]