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No Dave’s Luncheonette

Wednesday evening I arrived at the Santos Party House at 7pm. Walter Durkarcz the organizer for Mark Kamins Celebration Of A Life had asked me to come in early. Jorge Socarras was handling the guest list. “How long you want me to do the door?” I asked upon starting the night “I have some young […]

Johnny Rotten Lives

In the winter of 1977 GOD SAVE THE QUEEN hit the jukebox of CBGB’s. Punk had gone international. The song was #1 on the UK charts without getting airplay and the Sex Pistols further immortalized the hit by playing the nihilistic anthem on a Thames River cruise. The band never performed in New York, but the words to ANARCHY […]

LEAVING NY by Peter Nolan Smith

Thirty summers ago I was stuck in New York waiting for a doorman job in Gemany. My pockets were empty and my rent was a month late. Many of my friends worked at Danceteria on West 21st Street. I ate at the BBQ on the roof and drank for free. The owner was a fan […]

Dave’s Luncheonette

After a night at the Mudd Club, the clientele met for breakfast at Dave’s Luncheonette on Canal Street. Eggs, toast, home-fries, and a cup of gruesome coffee was $1. Conversation was the night’s evening. The cuisine got no stars in any guidebooks. I googled ‘dave’s luncheonette’ and Robert Carrithers wrote the following on his blog […]

The Past Is Better Off In The Past

My father can’t remember much anymore. His Alzheimer’s is very advanced, but he does remember me, despite my living in New York. “At least you look like you used to look.” The mirror argues that opinion every morning, but I have to agree with my father. Very few people like they used to look. Some […]