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Kill For The Sake Of Cali

GUNGA DIN was one of my favorite movies as a child. The cinematic version of Rudyard Kipling’s poem about an untouchable bisthi or water carrier had elephants, fakirs, religious fanatics, comedy, thrills, and the horror of the Thuggees, who killed the innocent for their multi-armed goddess, Cali.


Ten year ago I resided in Pattaya, the last Babylon. My house was on a cul-de-sac. The garden hosted orchids and flowers and a mango tree. Butterflies fluttered before my window. Birds haunted the tree. I drove a motorcycle to the beach and spent my night with the demimonde of the Buffalo Bar. I was […]


I’ve been working with Mexicans at the metal shop for the last year and a half. As always I try to improve my language skills and I help them with English. The other week I gave Oscar, who has prevented my fingers from getting ripped off my lathes or pierced by drill presses, the movie […]

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE – Lou Reed – Movie

Fuck Sasha Baron Cohen

There are few people more successful at movie-killing than Sasha Cohen and now teabag actor has been slated to play Freddy Mercury of Queen in a movie. Fucking horrors. Band member Brian May thinks that this is a good idea. Fucking wrong. Freddie is an icon. He was never a buffoon. All of Sasha Baron […]