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KILI INITIATIVE 2019 # 4 – Loitokitok

COLD AS IT GETS by Peter Nolan Smith

Mount Washington is far from the tallest mountain on the face of the Earth, however in 1934 the summit observatory recorded the strongest wind on the planet at 231 mph or 372 km/hr. Winter temperatures on Agiocochook, or “Home of the Great Spirit” regularly dropped as low as -50F. Death from hypothermia can occur within […]

Mars Versus Mount Washington

The atmosphere on Mars is a hundred times thinner than that of Earth. NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has measured summer temperatures as high as 70 Fahrenheit or 20 Centigrade at the Red Planet’s equator, but as soon as the sun sets, the temperature can plummet to -100 F and -175F is not usual in the […]

Big Weather on Agiocochook

This week California was pounded by a winter storm generated from distant ocean currents off the coast of Hawaii. Rain fell in torrents and ten feet of snow capped the High Sierras. At one point a meteorological observatory recorded Force 5 hurricane winds over 160 MPH. Treacherous weather to be sure, however on April 12, […]