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Mormon Mia Nois

Thais like to think that prostitution didn’t exist within their borders until its introduction by the Chinese, however the country since time immemorial has fiercely upheld the tradition of mia yai / mia noi or big wife / small wife. This form of bigamy is widely accepted in all levels of society from kings to […]

The Mormon Right Of Way

The Paiutes traditional hunting grounds in Southern Nevada were usurped by Mormom colonists in the 1870s. The well-watered land along the Colorado was especially appealing to the polygamous sects and Edward Bunker, who is no relation to Archie Bunker, founded Bunkerville in 1877 to establish a commune based on shared labor. It lasted four years […]

Tough As Porter Rockwell

My father claimed that Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormons, was a distant relative on his father’s side of the family. My aunt backed up his assertion, saying that our line of the family remained in Maine, while the prophet’s clan drifted from the mountains in Vermont to the religiously burned-over lands of Western […]

Gay Wedding Bells

The third rail of gay union or marriage has presented American politicians a dangerous platform for the 2012 election. Mainstream media have supported or criticized President Obama’s backing of Joe Biden’s statement that the VP was alright with gay marriage. Yahoo.com reported that Newsweek will feature Obama’s conversion to gay union with a cover story […]