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Damn Les Habitants

My introduction to French was via the heavy accent of a cartoon skunk, who appeared on TV every Saturday morning during the 1950s. Pepe Le Pew never got the girl. Skunks smelled bad and supposedly the French also never bathed with soap. I knew little else of France. That country lay across the Atlantic Ocean, […]

Not For Nothing

On winter nights as a child in Maine in the 1950s I listened hockey and basketball games on the radio from Boston and the Far North. While I loved the Celtics and Bruins, I cherished even more so the fading in and out of hockey games from the Montreal Forum, for even if I didn’t […]

Habs Versus Bruins Toujours

The other evening my younger brother Padraic and his wife went to the Bruins-Canadians match at TD Garden. Here’s his report. Kathy & I took in last night?s Bruins Canadiennes shootout loss 2-1. One Montreal fan must have been drinking the whole bus ride to Boston. His ?Ole, ole, ole, ole? was mocked with ?you?re […]

SOUTHBOUND by Peter Nolan Smith

Last week Vladmar announced that he was heading to Florida. The Pittsburgh native never been there before. “I can’t believe that I’m 50 years old and have never to the Holy Land.” The Sunshine State was special, but even more so back in the last century. “My first trip to FLA was in Spring 1971. […]