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In late-August of 1972 my college friend Ptrov and I were bound for Boston to start our second year of university and we crashed a night with a trio of carpenter gypsies constructing a rest stop on the new interstate through Montana. Bulldozers had churned the dirt highway into a muddy bog for the passing […]

One Seat At A Time – Rob Quist

Rob Quist, a cowboy banjo player, has the lead in a run for a vacant congressional seat representing Montana. The DNC ignored his campaign, preferring to back special interest politicians. They lost in the primary and still they refused to support a man from a Cut Bank ranching family… to until he beat their flunkies. […]

GARRISON JUNCTION by Peter Nolan Smith

In the late summer of 1972 my college friend and I hitchhiked across across Montana. The interstate was under construction. Ptrov and I got stranded in Garrison Junction for a good reason. Twenty miles farther south was the Montana State Prison. A sign warned motorists about escaped convicts. No one was taking a chance on […]

Nothing In Anaconda

According to Wikipedia the Anaconda mine produced more than $300 billion worth of metal in its lifetime. In 1972 I hitchhiked through Anaconda. Dust rose from the mine. It had three shifts a day. Ten years later nothing was in Anaconda, but empty fields. Oh Zanadu.