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BEATEN BY BLONDIE by Peter Nolan Smith

Two boys bullied me the last year of grammar school on the South Shore. The daily beating were witnessed by friends and classmates. Joe Tully and Mark Scanlon were not in good shape. They stopped after a few minutes and everyone wandered home to watch WHERE THE ACTION IS. No one ever tried to stop […]

Sleeping Beauty

The actress Tilda Swinton has been scheduled to sleep in a glass box at Mew York’s Museum of Modern Art throughout the month as a performance called THE MAYBE. Museum goers enjoy the spectacle of celebrity within arm’s length, but the talented Ann Magnuson related her sleeping beauty story at Area in 1983. “Eric Goode […]

No Space For Warhol

Throughout the spring and summer of 1956 New York’s Museum of Modern Art featured an exhibition, Recent Drawings USA. Andy Warhol was one of the artists in the group show. According to the informative http://www.warholstars.org Warhol and his companion Charles Lisanby traveled around the world visiting San Francisco, Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Manila, Djakarta, Bali, […]