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The Difference

I can tell the difference. The truth is easier to remember.

I Want To See Peace

In 1968 Richard Nixon beat Hubert Humphrey by campaigning for the end of the Viet-Nam War. During his inaugural speech Nixon said, “The greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker.” The War lasted another seven years. As many troops died under his leadership as all the previous presidents going back to Eisenhower. […]

On A Clear Day

Almost sixty years ago weather conditions over London blanketed the city with a damp toxic fog of coal dust. The gray air was thick with choking carbon particles. Visibility was dropped to one foot in the Stygian gloom. Thousands fatally succumbed to respiratory ailments with hundreds of thousands suffering severe breathing difficulties throughout that December. […]

Mitt Is White

My friend posted this photo and her friend replied, “I’m voting for Romney. Does that make me a racist? Is that what you are trying to say? How many people that voted/will vote for Obama did so simply because he is black? Is that racist? Such hypocrisy and phony outrage… why don’t you find something […]

Keep America America

Mitt Romney has been accused on quoting the KKK motto ‘Keep America American’ in a 2011 speech in Iowa. The LA Times corrected this error with a retraction stating that Romney had actually said ‘Keep America America’. Easy to say, but in the Mitt Romney 2012 Campaign Ad, there isn’t a single person on color […]