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The Death Of Disco

Punks prayed for the death of disco in the 1970s. Few were ready for Blondie’s dive into the dance genre with HEART OF GLASS and RAPTURE. Disco thrived into the 80s. Rap attempted to assassinate disco only to become another sub-species of the zombie dance music. Michael Jackson’s THRILLER LP sold 65 million copies, beating […]

THE REACH OF JOCKO by Peter Nolan Smith

Four years ago Michael Jackson was found dead in the bed of a rented mansion in LA. Millions of Jocko’s fans around the globe deposited flowers before US embassies and consulates to mourn the superstar’s passing. I was in Thailand. I saw a Thai cop cry. My younger friends in New York reported that on […]

Hey Louie Hey

Studio 54 had famous guests such as Liza Minelli, Andy Warhol, Halston, and Michael Jackson, but anyone who was grooving on the scene ignored those fame whores for Larry, who sold ludes. 2 for $5. No historians know his name. Larry knew how to keep his sand. “Who wants ludes?” ps fuck the rich. fuck […]

September 10, 2001

September 10, 2001 was a stormy day. My Thai dok-toi called for money. I had none. That night Michael Jackson performed his second 30th anniversary concert in New York. I went to sleep sober.

White Enough For You

Michael Jackson was unquestionably the most popular entertainer in modern history. His music reached every corner of the world. His shows electrified millions and videos dancified billions. Even in death Jocko earns big money for his estate and Sony Records. His fans overlooked accusation of child molestation and drug abuse. He was the King of […]