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The Demise of Naked Gay Discos in Miami

“How do you like it here?” Bruce Benderson asked in the courtyard of the Palm Beach house which a telecommunications millionaire has entrusted in my care. His East European friends were cooking lunch. Glenn his friend was perusing Anthony Haden-Guest’s book on New York nightlife. Our mutual friend Scottie Taylor featured in several chapter. We […]

Art Basel Crushed Car

Every December the at world descends on the Miami Beach Convention Center to kick off the winter season in Florida. Tens of thousands of art enthusiasts throng through the gallery exhibitions during the day and pack the restaurants and bars at night. Prices are 50% above retail, so the entire event is dominated by the […]

Son Of God

From this still from the movie SONG OF GOD I assumed Jesus of Nazareth was waterboarded in the River Jordan by his cousin Yoḥanan ha-mmaṭbil or John The baptist. A friend in Miami suggested that everyone see this film about the Messiah. It’s cold in New York. Miami is 73 this evening. I told Mario, […]

Zombie Zictims

“Zombies, zombies, zombies.” Last week headlines across America screamed the warning of a zombie attack in Miami after a crazed naked man at a derelict’s face in public followed by a mother eating her newborn’s toes as well as a Maryland college student confessing the crime of cannibalism to local police and a man mutilating […]

The Unfreedom of Speech

The Constitution has offered protection for the Freedom of Speech for centuries, but that guarantee has come under fire more often in recent times. People can not speak their mind without follow-up condemnation of their statements. Russ Limbaugh damned a woman testifying before Congress on contraception as a ‘slut’. This rude and abrasive comment evoked […]