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The New Mayan Apocalypse – June 21, 2020

Back in 1988 Cathy Underhill and I crossed the Yucatan Peninsula from Belize to the ancient ruins of Tikal or perhaps Yax Mutal by the original inhabitants. The Mayan city rose from the jungle in 200BC. Its temples and pyramids were unrivaled until Siyah K’ak’ or ‘the Fire Born’ led Teotihuacan troops to overthrow the […]

The Hour Of The 13th Baktun

A little more than three days remain until the end of the 12th Mayan Baktun, which began on August 11th, 3114 BC. Supposedly the Egyptians invented written language on that date. The rest of the Neolithic world was recovering from the ravages of the Great Ice Age. Agriculture wouldn’t revive in Northern Africa for more […]

B’ak’tun Tsunami

Doomologists have pinpointed the end-date of the Mayan’s 5,125-year-long cycle as or December 21, 2012 without predicting the cause of Armageddon. Various options for the B’ak’tun have been offered by opposing camps. Fundamentalists are hoping for the Second Coming of the Messiah and survivalists are arming up for collapse of the New World Order, […]

High Ground

12-21-12 is nine days away and doomsday believers hoping to survive the predicted end of days are flocking to Mount Rtanj in Carpathian range, which supposedly has a ‘special energy according to the late Arthur C Clark. A French town in the Pyrenees has also been targeted by cultists and the village authorities of Bugarach […]

Pluto To The Rescue

The Mayan star-gazers studied the Xibalba be or Black Road or Milky Way from the tops of pyramids and predicted the end of the 26,000 year cycle on 12-21-12 and modern day astronomers of the apocalypse have suggested that the grand alignment of the planets will mercilessly annihilate the population of the Earth. Of course […]