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No Dave’s Luncheonette

Wednesday evening I arrived at the Santos Party House at 7pm. Walter Durkarcz the organizer for Mark Kamins Celebration Of A Life had asked me to come in early. Jorge Socarras was handling the guest list. “How long you want me to do the door?” I asked upon starting the night “I have some young […]

Fast Healer by Mark Kamins

The headlights reflected off the rain-scarred streets. I saw her eyes,twisted, bloodshot red, dazed, as she looked at me. She didn’t see the gunshot wound. It wasn’t the first and I know it wouldn’t be the last. I had fucked up. It’s fucking hard trying to make a quick peso, a fast G, in the […]

Dancing Fool

Late Wednesday night at the Mark Kamins Celebration of a Life Michael Holman introduced Lady Kir from Dee-Lite and remained on stage for the first song to dance his feet off. The artist, writer, avant-garde musician, hip hop impresario and filmmaker showed that old dogs are forever young. I was stunned by his mixture of […]

Mark Kamins Lives

Wednesday night Santos Party House hosted a celebration of DJ Mark Kamins’ life. Hundreds of friends, family, and admirers gathered to enjoy an evening of music, dance, drink, and fun. Coati Mundi, Konk, and Lady Kir of Dee Lite entertained the crowd from the nightclubs of the 80s, while countless DJ spun tunes for the […]

Celebrate Mark Kamins Tonight

Tonight Lower Manhattan celebrates the life of Mark Kamins, legendary nightclub DJ. Everyone will be there. DJs, dancers, bands, old friends, and a few fiends. I’ll be working the door early. Entrance is $20. The money goes to his kids. See you there @ Santos Party House – 96 Lafayette Street below Canal. From 8pm […]