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Abe And Marilyn and Blackula

Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclaimation in 1863, freeing slaves throughout the South, however thei liberation awaited the arrival on the Union Army at which point they sang, “Free at last, hallelujah.” The unchained darkies’ paradise lasted a few years, as the South instituted Jim Crow laws aimed at their subjugation to sharecropper lands. The […]

Mr. Wonderful And Race

The only way to cure racism is love. And lots of it. Sammie Davis Jr. knew the antidote and he lived in lynching days. Marilyn Monroe was his friend and acted as a beard for his relationship with Kim Novak. Their affair almost got him killed by the orders of Herbert Cohn, a gangster Hollywood […]

Skinny Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe was a goddess. I loved her in SOME LIKE IT HOT and worshipped her in THE RIVER OF NO RETURN. Zaftig beauties across the USA have pointed to Marilyn Monroe as the ideal female form rather than the bone thin models gracing the covers of fashion magazines. Her size has been debated by […]

Marilyn Monroe 50 Years Gone

geraldine does marilyn. 1979. photo by bobby busnach — with Gerry Visco and Geraldine Winifred Visco at the park royal hotel ny. Marilyn will never leave us.

Frozen Niagara

Obviously if they had filmed NIAGARA in the winter, Marilyn Monroe would have never gone over the falls with her murderous husband, but this season has really mined the discontent from the populace of New York. On the subway the riders’ faces are fraught with unjoy. No smiles, no conversations, only frowns. Their overlapping waves […]