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LOST BY THE EIGHT BALL by Peter Nolan Smith

None of the cops from the 9th Precinct were happy about the closing of the basement bar next to their station house in the summer of 1980. Even fewer were excited by its re-opening as a French bistro. Evelyn’s Bistro was another sign that the East Village was giving way to a new crowd. Not […]

NORTH END MIRACLE by Peter Nolan Smith

Every Friday evening throughout the 1960s my mother drove our station wagon into Boston to pick up my father at 50 Milk Street, where he worked for Ma Bell as an electrical engineer. We dined at various restaurants and then returned to our suburb on the South Shore. One evening my father strode from the […]

On The March

Yesterday afternoon I was working on a small film at the northern end of Mulberry Street. I caught sight of a three young priests carrying a large wooden cross. About a hundred teenagers followed them. Their faces glowed with devotion to their faith. The director, knowing my feelings about the Catholic Church, sidled up to […]