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Drinking Yourself To Death

Every week the Pattaya Media highlights another farang leaving this mortal coil from suicide. Favorite methods of self-demise tend to be jumping from a condo, poison, or hanging yourself with a plastic bag around your head, but few people ever comment on the most popular technique ie drinking yourself to the grave, since the process […]

YOU BET I WOULD by Peter Nolan Smith

During our 2009 trip through the American Midlands filming Barry Flanagan statues Brock Dundee and I detoured from our route to meet Colonel Rockford Ret. in Iowa City. The three of us began the evening at a sports bar. The bartender had just returned from his third tour in Iraq. We toasted his return with […]


My good friend AL Harlow aka Big Al has published his memoir online. Here’s the opening; WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE by A. L. Harlow When I began writing this I was at a loss for the reasons why. Why would I open myself up again to all those feelings from years of being lost, broken, […]

The Jewels Of Life

Several years ago my younger sister expressed her anger for my fathering a child at 55. “You should get a vasectomy.” She thought I was a fool for bringing another child onto the planet without a steady job. She was more right than wrong, but then women always are more right than men. “I don’t […]

Heaven On Earth

The world is coming to an end tomorrow according to the old git who founded Family Radio. His followers are entranced by the prospect of being swept up to heaven by celestial sprites. There they’re spend eternity worshiping their God. On their knees too. As a non-believer I prefer my heaven on earth. It’s fairly […]